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Sourdough Flight

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Flight of wine? Flight of Beer? Our answer is flight of Sourdough. Find your favourite. Chart which bread goes with which sandwich ( we see you lockdown weary friends who have already organised the whole house). Take them to the cabin. Have a bread buffet. Do a blind Taste Test and see if you get the flavours right. Match the sourdough to your favourite wine. What ever you do, know that you will be getting 5 loaves of yummy sourdough, each with a different flavour, made with fresh, organic ingredients, handmade just for you. 

  • Fresh milled and organic flours for the best loft
  • European Style, full of flavour with a good chew
  • No 4 syllable or modified ingredients, or GMO's-real ingredients only
  • Free from soy or palm oil for an Earth loving loaf
  • Organic ingredients for a healthy bite
  • Fermented naturally for maximum deliciousness and digestability
  • 5 loaves, 450-625g each

Add a duo of our whipped butter, flavoured with fresh herbs and made from grass fed butter, designed to melt perfectly and add extra richness. 

Nutrition and Allergy Info
  • Paleo bread includes nut flours and free range eggs
  • Plant Based contains nutmylk
  • Mixed loaves include nut products and dairy
  • Seeded varieties may contain sesame seeds
  • Whipped butters contain dairy
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