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Tarts and Pies-New Items
Tarts and Pies-New Items
Tarts and Pies-New Items
Tarts and Pies-New Items
Tarts and Pies-New Items
Tarts and Pies-New Items
On Sale

Tarts and Pies-New Items

Eat the whole pie and feel not a twinge of guilt. Our decadent  Pies and tarts are filled with amazing flavours and richness, you'd never know they are free of refined sugar, artificial colours and zero flavours. 

Tarts are dairy free and Paleo, 4 to an order:

  • Elderberry Lemon Tart 
  • Midnight Mojito
  • Raspberry 

Personal Pies are pies that fit in the palm of your hand, dairy free and Paleo, perfect for one, but you could share it with someone you really, really like. 4 to an order: 

  • Banana Cream- fresh banana layered with banana cream
  • Vanilla Matcha- first pick matcha with Madagascar vanilla bean
  • Coconut Cream-Toasted Coconut on creamy coconut
  • Lemon Meringue-Fresh Lemon Curd with Delicate Meringue
  • Bourbon Pecan- Toasted pecans laced with Bourbon
  • Banana Split- Banana, Chocolate Ganache and fresh Strawberry
  • Farm Fresh Berry-Almond crust painted with chocolate, fresh berries sorrounded by a berry compote for an explosion of berry flavour (vegan)

Crumbles are full of fresh fruit and topped with a crunchy crumble. We love ours gently warmed and served with a scoop of ice cream.

  • Fresh Berry: Seasonal berries, with almond ginger cookie crumble
  • Organic Orchard Apple: Crunchy apples dusted in cinnamon with an old fashioned oatmeal crumble 


Seasonal: Raw Keylime with a Coconut and Almond Crust (Dairy and egg free),  Maple Pumpkin (vegan), Butter Tarts, Cranberry, Plum & Cardamom, Harvest Apple. These flavours are available off season, minimum order of 12 per flavour, email us for details.

Regular price $11.95
Type: Pastry