Where can I find your store?

We operate in a pretty unique and new school fashion- online, at Pop Ups and select markets. Check out our events page to find out where we will be next, you may not have very far to go!

Select products are also carried at some great fitness studios, and stores-you can find an up-to-date list on our footer. (We don't always know what they have in stock so its best to check directly with them).

What products are gluten free?


Do you cater?

Absolutely! We are happy to provide catering for office lunches, special events, and nearly any occasion you can think of. Email us for more information: alissa@nourishkitchenandbakery.com.

What are you guys all about?

We are here to make the food you want to eat, the food you should eat, and to do it conveniently, healthfully and sustainably. We do that by

  1. Leaving out unnecessary, unhealthful and unnatural items. Our products are free of gluten, soy, refined sugar, palm oil, artificial colours and flavours, preservatives, weird chemicals, and fillers.

  2. Being allergy friendly-If you have allergies, we can work with you to make sure there is no cross contamination, and because we custom make every order, we can make your order first thing in the morning, so there are zero cross contamination issues.

  3. Offering Paleo and Plant Based Options. Many of our items are plant based, meaning they have no animal products like eggs, dairy and honey or non-vegan sugar. Paleo? We have you covered, we have many Paleo items that are dairy, refined sugar, chemical and legume free. 

  4. We are an Earth friendly, socially aware triple bottom line company. We choose to purchase local or fairly traded sustainable goods, and as much as possible,organic. 

  5. We give back. We donate to shelters, food banks and meal programs.

  6. We are a team of different colours, genders, creeds, sexes, abilities, origins, ages, and sexual orientations with a common goal - to make amazing, healthful food  for everyone. With a smile.

Why aren't you in a store or coffeeshop near me?

Great question, why aren't we? The best way to have our products carried by your favourite place is to ask them to carry our products for you. 

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes , we sell wholesale to businesses from yoga studios to restaurants.

Can you deliver to Canmore/Okotoks/Airdrie/My neighbourhood...

We can, but there are either minimum orders or a delivery fee. Some of our customers get a few friends together to place one order, and this way everyone can get Nourished even if they don't live in Calgary. Email us for more information.

Are you hiring?

Maybe, send us a cover letter and a resume and lets chat!

How do I order online?

Easy! Just pick your favourite items, check out, pick the store you want to pick up at, or delivery, pick a date, and that;s pretty much it! 

How many days notice do you need?

Typically 24-48 hours. The more notice, the better!

Are you a chain?

Not at all. We are an independently owned, triple bottom line business that is local to Calgary, Alberta.

This is a great idea. Can I invest?

Maybe. Contact us and we can chat.

Your bread is the best gluten free bread I have had, hands down. Are you a wizard?

Sadly, no, or we'd be having this conversation somewhere warmer with sand between our toes.

This FAQ is pretty lame. Who asks these questions?

Our FAQ is based on questions the world at large has posed to us. We'll be adding more soon!