Autumn hours in effect! Order by Thursday 8am for curbside pick up on Friday afternoon/evening or Saturday morning.


Where can I find you?

You can pick up your order at 7920 42 St SE . You can find a map on our main page as well as pick up information. We also do some amazing markets, you can check our events page to see what we have going on.

We operate in a pretty unique and new school fashion- we are 100% bespoke. at Pop Ups and select markets. Check out our Market and Event Calendar to find out where we will be next,

How have you been impacted by Covid and do you have any Covid safety protocols?

Covid has impacted everyone, we are grateful our team has not lost any loved ones, and that is the most important thing. Ingredient and shipping prices have gone up and suppliers randomly run out of product, there are lengthy shipping delays and we cannot have as many people on staff so it everything takes longer to do! 

We have always had incredible cleaning practices, but we have ramped everything up, with extra hand sanitising, all of our staff wears masks indoors, at curbside pick up. Our staff on hand is limited so that everyone can space out, and if anyone has any Covid symptoms, they stay home until they have an all clear from AHS. All of our staff is double vaxxed for your safety and our teams safety. We do ask that you wear a mask for curbside pick up.


What products are gluten free?


Do you cater?

Absolutely! We are happy to provide catering for office lunches, special events, and nearly any occasion you can think of. Email us for more information:

How does pick up work?

When you place your order, you will be asked to review our refund policy and given the opportunity to select a pick up date from our available options. You will get an order confirmation immediately following your order being processed and we will let you know if we have any questions about your order. 

Arrive at our location anytime during your 30 minute pick up window, parking facing our building. Send us a message on our website chat that you have arrived, along with your name and order number and the car you will be waiting in. We will bring your order out as soon as it is ready. There may be a queue, so please have patience. If we finish your order before you arrive, we will send you a notification. We will also send another notification near the end of your pick up window. It is really important to arrive within your window- we are unable to hold your order overnight. 

If you cannot make your pick up date, we are happy to pop it in a pre-paid Uber.

What are you guys all about?

We are here to make the food you want to eat, the food you should eat, and to do it conveniently, healthfully and sustainably. We do that by

  1. Leaving out unnecessary, unhealthful and unnatural items. Our products are free of gluten, soy, refined sugar, palm oil, artificial colours and flavours, preservatives, weird chemicals, and fillers. We use only natural colours, even our decorations are tested to be gluten, soy and artificial ingredient free.

  2. Being allergy friendly-If you have allergies, we still have amazing options for you. We custom make every order, we can make your order first thing in the morning, so there are fewer contamination issues. We do use nuts extensively, so we do not recommend ordering from us if you have anaphylactic allergies. 

  3. Our menu is Plant Based, meaning we use minimal non-plant products and instead focus on ingredients that are from sustainably sourced plants. Paleo? We have you covered, our Paleo options are dairy, refined sugar, grain and legume free. Are you vegan? We have options that have absolutely no animal products like eggs, dairy and honey nor do we use ingredients whose cultivation practices harm and devastation to  animal lives, like soy or palm.

  4. We are an Earth friendly, socially aware triple bottom line company. We choose to purchase local or fairly traded, sustainable goods, support free range and grass finishing and as much as possible,organic, spray free and eco-social options. 

  5. We give back. We donate to shelters, food banks and meal programs, and offer seniors and sliding scale purchases on request.

  6. We are a team of different colours, genders, creeds, sexes, abilities, origins, ages, and sexual orientations with a common goal - to make amazing, healthful food  for everyone. With a smile.

Why aren't you in a store or coffeeshop near me?

Great question, why aren't we? The best way to have our products carried by your favourite place is to ask them to carry our products for you. 

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes , we sell wholesale to businesses from yoga studios to restaurants. 

Can you deliver to Canmore/Okotoks/Airdrie/My neighbourhood...

We have offered delivery, but not without challenges and unfortunately have had a few people scam us, and courier rates run at about $30 + per delivery, so we have chosen not to continue at this time. WE ARE HAPPY TO SEND YOUR ORDER TO YOU IN A PREPAID UBER. Email us for details.

Are you hiring?

Always! If you "get" what we are about, have an amzing work ethic and your own reliable transportation and are double vaxxed, send us a cover letter and a resume and lets chat!

How do I order online?

Easy! Just pick your favourite items, check out, pick the store you want to pick up at, or delivery, pick a date, and that;s pretty much it! Make sure to click 'more information; to get details about each pick up location, such as hours they are open. 

I loved your cafe! Are you re-opening it or are you going to open a store front?

We loved our cafe and having the chance to see everyone happily enjoying our community space! Covid hit us hard, and while we kept it open as long as we could, lockdowns, restrictions and lack of government support during shut downs made it to difficult to operate safely, and were fiscally devastating. 

We chose to close the cafe until the pandemic is under control, or we find the perfect investor that helps us develop a space that makes it safe for us to successfully operate a store front again. 

How does Delivery work?

We are currently not offering delivery.

Pick everything you would like, click the delivery date you prefer from the options, and complete your order. We'll send a notification the day of pick up when we are on our way to drop your order off, just give us a couple hours to get to you, we may have a few other deliveries on the way or traffic may have us tied up. Feel free to tip your delivery person, as of us writing this, all of our delivery people are University students, so they will be very appreciative!

How many days notice do you need?

Our cut off date for weekend pick up is typically Wednesday at 8am.

Are you a chain?

Not at all. We are an independently owned, triple bottom line business that is local to Calgary, Alberta. We have been operating since 2012, making amazing gluten free.

This is a great idea. Can I invest?

Maybe. Contact us and we can chat. 

Your bread is the best gluten free bread I have had, hands down. Are you a wizard?

Sadly, no, or we'd be having this conversation somewhere warmer with sand between our toes. 

What's your problem with palm oil? I've heard its great for you, and it's in so many things.

We are, first and foremost, an Earth friendly company and using palm oil is not Earth friendly in any way..There are so many issues with palm oil, we recommend checking out doing your own personal research or checking out this link. Unfortunately there really is no such thing as sustainable palm oil, every palm plantation causes or has caused degradation of human rights, deforestation and environmental damage.

Learn more about What's Wrong With Palm Oil?

This FAQ is pretty lame. Who asks these questions?

Our FAQ is based on questions the world at large has posed to us. We'll be adding more soon! 

It's storming out and I don't want to pick up my order. What now?

We are happy to pop your order in a prepaid Uber. We absolutely believe in safety, so if there are severe weather warnings and we have to cancel your pick up we will contact you about alternate options, otherwise our refund and cancellation policies are in effect. Trust us, if it is unsafe to travel we will be staying home!

What is your GST number?


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