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Nourish Kitchen and Bakery Gluten Free Charcoal Bread
Nourish Kitchen and Bakery Gluten Free Golden Mylk Bread
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Superfood Sourdoughs- New Items!

Our gluten free, whole grain  Superfood Sourdough will shake your sandwich game up and inspire you to take your toast to new levels. We handshape our boules after lightly fermenting them. 

Activated Charcoal and Black Sesame 

Honeyed Matcha

Golden Mylk


  • Fibre rich and full of pre-biotics
  • Dairy and egg free
  • Cultured starter for easy digestion and a happy gut
  • Freshly made to order
  • Freezer friendly
  • No gums, preservatives or GMO's
  • Approximately 675 g 
  • Add seeds for extra nutrition and crunch


Regular price $11.95
Type: Bread