Nourish brought Gluten Free Sourdough to Alberta, and we are continually adding new styles and flavours, so your are sure to find a favourite. These cultured breads are made with wild yeast, our freshly milled gluten-free flours and lots of love and time!

Our rustic loaves are hand-shaped, and perfect in their imperfections, beneath the crust lies a soft texture. Nourish's 'Tradional' loaves are perfect for a more uniform sandwich and the crust is less distinct except for the top of the loaf.

Always made fresh right in Calgary. Always absolutely gluten-free.

  • Available in Try Size ( 325-450g), Traditional (725g-850g) or hand-shaped oval or round Rustic Loaves (625-800g), Familia (950-1100g)
  • Fibre rich and full of pre-biotics
  • Cultured starter for easy digestion and a happy gut
  • Best enjoyed within 4 days or freeze sliced in your freezer 
  • Freezer friendly
  • Kid-approved
  • No gums, preservatives or GMO's

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