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Distinctive Sourdoughs & Breads

Our Gluten Free Sourdough story began in 2016, doing what we do best- creating really delicious gluten free things we haven't seen before. What we discovered was, was that we could make endless varieties of Gluten Free Sourdoughs, each with its own unique taste and texture that were not only delicious but had amazing crumb and sliced beautifully. 

We cultivated a healthy, aromatic line of Gluten Free Starters , each from unique, house milled organic Gluten Free Grains, fresh filtered water, and Wild Rocky Mountain Yeast and naturally occurring Lactobacilli. From these Levains, we create our distinctly different Gluten Free Sourdoughs, using choice organic and fairly traded ingredients to create different varieties. We literally have a Gluten Free Sourdough for nearly everyone and every occasion!

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