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Nourish Kitchen and Bakery is currently seeking a new owner!

Things are about to get way more exciting around here!

Its Spring, a time for renewal, to clear out winters stale air for the fresh breeze of a new season, and to look out for the first buds of April. 

You may have noticed the menu looks a little, well, thinner. We've cleared out a few things that, while they were amazing, needed to be put back into our recipe file so we could make room for new recipes, new options and new flavours. Food that makes the most of the season. Look for berries, fresh green herbs, some floral influence and some more, well, pretty things.

Our new menu drops in April, but we can't quite yet give you a date. Because there is some fantastic news for you, and Nourish, and anyone who has every wanted fresh, delicious, nutrient packed food, although we can't say just what it is yet.( But we will, very, very, soon) Until the new menu comes out, enjoy our trimmer menu, and show us which products should be sticking around for another season, we are here for you, and with every dollar you invest in our delicious food, you tell us what you love the most.

But we will give you a hint ...somewhere in this here bloggity blog....

Until the new menu comes out, we do have some great Pop Ups happening.

First, visit us and get a taste of things to come at Project A in Canmore on April 1. We'll have new donut flavours, new pastries, a new bread and a few surprises. Maybe some Hot Cross Buns. You'll have to see. You can pre-order for this event, and we strongly encourage you to! 

Our next event is Okotoks Natural Foods. You might not have had a chance to check this store out, its big, clean, welcoming and the selection and prices are fantastic. For this event we will have ALL OF OUR BREADS!!! All of them. With tasters y'all. Now, if you have been to our pop ups before, you know we stock our table well- its usually overflowing and we still can't fit half of what we do, so this is going to be the Mother of Pop Ups because we are bringing so much, and we have sooooo much space. You have to come and check it out. It's going to be  like we have our own section of the store.

Then, and this is going to be particularly exciting for those of us who are vegan or plant based. We are doing the  Spring Vegan Market! It will be filled with everything free of eggs, dairy or that is animal originated. Come to Marda Loop for this market full of fantastic clothes, food, shoes, personal care items, and more! We won't be taking pre-orders for this market, but we will be bringing the best of our plant based menu for you to choose from.

We'll be ending things off, Market wise, with a bang. Market Collective! We love Market Collective and we are sure you do to. Or you will. Live music, activities, food trucks, the best of Calgary's makers, artisans and musicians. Gluten free is not a problem at this market, there are soooo many options. 

But that's not it! We have some new collaborations coming up- looking for jam with your bread- we got you covered. Covered in Jam, that is. Look for it on our menu soon, coming fresh from Worthy. This is the jam we put on everything, Linzer cookies, in between layers of cake, on bread, in BBQ sauce, you name it. The flavours are big, bold, and all natural, made from fresh, local fruit. And thats just the start.

Find us in new cafes, like Nova Coffeehouse and The Hub YYC, and there is more around the corner! We won't rest til we can make sure you have gluten free, vegan and paleo options at the best cafes in town.

Check out our newest box, The Basic Box, here til the end of the month (along with FREEEEEE delivery*) and a sweet deal you don't want to miss- only for subscribers! 


*within our delivery area and a minimum purchase

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