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Markets, Festivals and Ice Cream

It seems like winter was here forever, and then it was suddenly replaced by summer, feels a bit like we missed Spring somehow! But we are so prepared for this weather and Market Season- our favourite time of year. It's when we get to spend our a chunk of our day hanging out with y'all in the sun.

And this year we are bringing back our delish ice cream sandwiches, plus adding vegan and paleo ice cream into the mix! ( And here's the catch, you have to come to the markets to find our amazing ice cream sammies, just like you have to do to pick up some of our Cinnamon Rolls). Come peruse our booth, and try something new. Or pre-order your favourites so you can grab and go or just to make sure your favourites are there waiting for you,

And its Festival Season! Catch us at the Inglewood Night Market, the Farmers and Makers Market @cSpace, and more- we are going to be adding things to our Event page all the time.

And speaking of all the time, have your tried our fresh strawberry pies yet? Because ou will want to eat these little parcels of fresh flavour all the time! 

So check out our Event page, and come say hi, we'd love to chat with you!



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